The EST wireline pressure setting assembly is used to set wireline set packers, the model EST is also used to set many gravel pack packers and bridge plugs. In all applications where a Model EST is used, a model B or other appropriate wireline adapter kit will be required. Also required are the equipment and skilled services of a licensed wireline perforating and/or logging service company. The proper size wireline adapter kit is installed in the packer. The packer and adapter kit are connected to the pressure setting assembly. Running to setting depth on the electric wireline.

Transmitted through the electric wireline, ignites the power charge in the setting assembly, gradually building up gas pressure. This pressure provides the controlled force to set the packer. When the prescribed setting force has been applied to the packer, the release stud in the wireline adapter kit parts, thus freeing the setting equipment from the packer, allowing it to be retrieved. The proper release stud is shipped with each packer at export.


  • Uses the advantage of the fast running capability of wireline.

  • Used to set Baker Oil Tools Bridge Plugs, Cement Retainers, and Production Packers on Electric Wireline.

  • Used in conjunction with a Casing Collar Locator for correlation of exact setting depth.

  • Corrosion-resistance piston mandrel.

  • With a Piercing Disk bleeder system to provide a safe, easy method of bleeding pressure.


EST Electric Wireline Setting Tool

The EST wireline pressure setting assembly is used to set wireline set packers, the model EST is also used to set many gravel pack packers and bridge plugs......

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