The HSB Hydraulic Setting Tool is used to set series of SWB Bridge, BP-1 Bridge Plug, SWR Cement Retainer, etc. The HSB hydraulic setting tool and BAKER J setting tool are in common use.

The HSB hydraulic setting tool contains a ball seat、two-stage pistons and cylinders by means of dropping a ball can transmit string fluid to the piston. The piston drives the setting sleeve down which makes the setting sleeve and intermediates shaft produce relative displacement and then sets the below Bridge Plugs, Cement  Retainers, Packers, etc. The tool with high pressure and long stroke ,which is special suitable for highly-deviated well and horizontal well where it’s difficult to run. The tool has characteristics of balancing upper and lower piston, which can avoid Bridge Plug setting in advance, and can be set stability, maintenance easy and longer working life.

The setting tool with an internal flow channel can ensure smoothly flowing in the process of running into well; the inside and outside string pressure is balanced, which is easy to run into the well and set stability. The setting tool is safe, reliable, which the operation is simplified and convenient to recycle. This type tool through connection with the appropriate adapter can be mutual transformation and versatility.


  • Transfer by tubing, the setting and the release are stable and safety.

  • One model setting tool can set various type running tools which is convenient and practical.

  • The tool has characteristics of balancing upper and lower piston which can avoid the Bridge Plug setting in advance.

  • Maintenance easily and longer working life.

  • Can be mutual transformation and versatility.

  • A setting tool is suitable for a large range of casing weight.



HSB Hydraulic Setting Tool

The HSB Hydraulic Setting Tool is used to set series of SWB Bridge, BP-1 Bridge Plug, SWR Cement Retainer, etc. The HSB hydraulic setting tool and BAKER J setting tool are in common use......

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