The BP-1 Bridge Plug is a high performance drillable bridge plugs which can be running and setting by Hydraulic Setting Tool or Wireline Setting Tool.

The BP-1 Bridge Plug can be commonly used for zonal isolation during stimulation or cementing Jobs, or for temporary and permanent abandonments.


  • Set securely in any hardness casing, including premium grades.

  • Ratchet lock ring secures dynamic setting force

  • One-piece packing element and flat metal backup rings whichcombine for superior seal.

  • Case-hardened, one piece slips virtually eliminate premature setting, and are easily drilled out.

  • Fin bottom help to prevent "Spinning" during drillout .

  • Can be set directly by SUNRISEHSB hydraulic Setting Tool or Baker J Hydraulic Setting Tool.

  • Shear studs are the SUNRISE style and connecteddirectly to SUNRISE Adjuster Sub or Baker adjustor sub.

  • Easy to be drilled out since metal parts made from cast iron.


BP-1 Wireline Set Bridge Plug

The BP-1 Bridge Plug is a high performance drillable bridge plugs which can be running and setting by Hydraulic Setting Tool or Wireline Setting Tool......

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