The NHR Packer is designed as a hydraulic-set, rotate to retrieve packer ,which is used for production, fracturing, test, water injection and so on.

The packer can withstand the high pressure from above and below, which has triple-seal multi-durometer elements,the ratchet wheel lock ring ensure the elements are compressed plenty.

The trigger setting pressure is flexiblethat can be adjusted by desired shearing force.

Release device is a J-slot that can release the packer by right-handed rotation and pulling up.


  • Hydraulic setting ensurethe elements compressed plenty.

  • High pressure rating.

  • Ratchet wheel lock ring ensure the setting force permanent.

  • Short and compact structure, shipping and storing are convenient.

  • 1/4 Right-handed rotation and pull the tubing upward to release the packer, easy to operate.

  • Using more than one at a time, and can release the packer one by one.

  • Can transfer the torque.

  • Triple seal multi-durometerelements - ensurepressure integrity over a wide range of temperatures and conforms to casingirregularities easily.


NHR Hydraulic Setting Retrievable Packer

The NHR Packer is designed as a hydraulic-set, rotate to retrieve packer ,which is used for production, fracturing, test, water injection and so on......

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