The SHP-2 packer is a kind of a single trip string hydraulic setting packer with a barrel slip. With its special packing elements and whole barrel slip can withstand upper and lower differential pressure 10,000 psi. The packer is mainly used in a single trip string perforation operation and well completion operation in oil well or gas well.

After operation completion, can use special tool to retrieve and reuse after maintenance.

Sunrise Energy can provide the matched running tools, seal assembly, retrieving tools.


  • Can withstand 10,000 psi differential pressure.

  • Compatible with standard seal equipment and packer accessories.

  • Special packing elements protection ring ensure seal stability and withstand pressure ability.

  • Double-piston activation, operation reliable.

  • Multiple packing elements ensure seal stability after setting.

  • The whole barrel slip reduce the damage of casing and easy to retrieve.

  • Packing element above slip can prevent debris.



SHP-2 Hydraulic Setting Mechanical Retrievable Packer

The SHP-2 packer is a kind of a single trip string hydraulic setting packer with a barrel slip. With its special packing elements and whole barrel slip can withstand upper and lower differential pressure 10,000 psi......

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