The DMT packer is a kind of single hole, barrel slip, retrievable packer which can be set by special setting tool and released by special retrieving tool.  It is used in downhole water injection,hydro-facturing, perforating, hanger packer of open hole horizontal well completion system and effectively avoid the risks of normal hanger packer setting in advance.

After completion, it can be used special retrieving tool to retrieve and reuse after maintenance.

Sunrise Energy can provide the whole and matched running tool、tie-backseal assembly、retrieving tool.


  • A ratchet lock ring secure dynamic setting force and setting force long-lasting.

  • The barrel slip is safe and reliable.

  • Whole mandrel, high strength guarantee and can effectively seal with tie-back seal assembly.



DMT Tool Setting Mechanical Retrievable Packer

The DMT packer is a kind of single hole, barrel slip, retrievable packer which can be set by special setting tool and released by special retrieving tool.....

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