The SCHR Hydraulic Packer is a kind of hydraulic setting retrievable packer. It purely rely on hydraulic setting, which can run one or more into the well. It is particularly recommended for deviated well where conditions are not suitable for mechanical and wireline setting packers. Without moving the tubing makes the well have been in good control state when  set the packer.

Two or more packers can be set entire or set according to the design order.

Release operation is safe and easy, directly lift the tubing can release packer and then take out of the string .


  • Set in any hardness casing, including special casing. 

  • Specially suitable for deviated wells. 

  • Apply tubing pressure to set. 

  • Lift tubing to release. 

  • Three pieces multiple hardness packing elements combined as superior seal system. 

  • Can withstand both-way differential pressure.


SCHR Hydraulic Setting Retrievable Packer

The SCHR Hydraulic Packer is a kind of hydraulic setting retrievable packer. It purely rely on hydraulic setting, which can run one or more into the well......

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