The STC Tubing Anchor Catcher performs two important functions: anchors the tubing string, and catches the tubing if it shall part. Unlike the regular anchor catchers, which are set by movement the parted tubing string to set them. The Tubing Anchor Catcher is simultaneously set in anchoring and catching position all the time.

When set with proper tension, the Tubing Anchor Catcher overcomes both breathing and buckling.


  • No free fall. Without any movement as the tool is set in any position and the load is transferred through the slips .

  • Tool doesn't "beat itself to death”.  It is always set to anchor the tubing in tension and to catch it, and tubing “breathing”can not occur too.

  • Positive catching regardless of well conditions. The tubing will be caught regardless of length of time the tool has been in the well and the scale deposits or sand.

  • Slips held securely in place .

  • Dependable drag springs. The stainless steel drag springs are specially designed with a low stress value to minimize the possibility of breakage under corrosive conditions.

  • Simple operation and positive release. The tubing anchor catcher is set by left-hand rotation, and released by right-hand rotation.

  • The hold force of the slips on the casing provides sufficient support to permit the tool to be released independently.

  • Emergency release. a selective shear pin arrangement permits the emergency release operation.


STC Mechanical Tubing Anchor

The STC Tubing Anchor Catcher performs two important functions: anchors the tubing string, and catches the tubing if it shall part. Unlike the regular anchor catchers, which are set by movement the parted tubing string to set them......

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