The MBP Bridge Plug is a high performance drillable bridge plugs which can be running and setng with Mechanical Setng Tool. 

The MBP Bridge Plug can be commonly used for zonal isolaton during stmulaton or cementng Jobs, or for temporary and permanent abandonments.


  • Ratchet lock ring secures setting force.

  • One-piece packing element and flat metal backup rings which combine for superior seal.

  • Can be simply converted to BP-1 bridge plug.

  • Case-hardened, one piece slips virtually eliminate premature setting, and they are easily drilled out.

  • Fin bottom help to prevent "Spinning" during drill out .

  • Can be set directly by SUNRISE SSR Mechanical Setting Tools.

  • Easy to be drilled out since metal parts made from cast iron.


MBP Mechanical Set Bridge Plug

The MBP Bridge Plug is a high performance drillable bridge plugs which can be running and setng with Mechanical Setng Tool......

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