The ST-2 on-off tool is tubing string releasing, retrieving tool which can provides both left-handed rotation releasing and right-handed rotation releasing. Inserted tubing with fluid control equipment dedicated internal locking groove can achieve safety release and retrieve the string without moving the packer. Internal locking groove can fix a large range of flow control equipment, such as plugging device, valves, etc.

The on-off tool consists of two parts, upper part is retrieving sleeve assembly that is connected with tubing; lower part is inserting tubing that is connected with the packer. Retrieving sleeve assembly can be designed to release by left-handed rotation or right-handed rotation 1/4 turn. The bottom of retrieving sleeve has a  guide shoe which can be easily through borehole debris, retrieve operation is safe and reliable.


  • Release by left-handed rotation or right-handed rotation 1/4 circle, automatic retrieve.

  • The SX  profile for standard device  and can provide other forms of grooves.

  • Allow take-off tubing without moving the packer.

  • Two style of packing elements for optional: bonded, or non-elastomeric.

  • The normal metal material is API L80-1.


ST-2 ON/OFF Tool

The ST-2 on-off tool is tubing string releasing, retrieving tool which can provides both left-handed rotation releasing and right-handed rotation releasing......

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