Drillable ball seat sleeve + Open Hole Segmented transformation technology

Description of Technology :

●  The Structure of the drillable ball seat sliding sleeve open hole segment transformation process tubing string is safe and easy to construct. One trip drilled, the task of running in and sealing the tubing strings can be completed.

●  The frac sleeve is in closed state when it run into the well. When the ball is acting on the surface of the ball seat, pump pressure made the piston move, the path of the frac sleeve has been open, forming a passage between the ground and the bore of the frac sleeve.


●  The external material of the frac sleeve can be selected as P110, L80 or C90 grade; the internal material (ball seat) is easy drillable material and it’s easy to drill; it is recommended to use the dissoluble ball to open the sliding sleeve; after the ball seat drilled and it can full diameter production. The structure of tubing string:

●  Running seal latch+Heel packer +SOH packer +SF Frac sleeve + Hydraulic control sleeve +Activation sub +Float collar + Float shoe.

●  Tubing strings + Tie back frac tubing strings + Tie back sealing insert.


Case 1.

The fractured sliding sleeve of SUNRISE ENERGY company has been used since 2010.The 3 1/2 "pipe column has been used in 883 sets. 4 1/2 "has been used in 490 sets. In a Daniudi gas field, a company used the fracturing construction curve of 4 inch fracturing sliding sleeve, fracturing construction displacement 3.5m3/min, single layer sand volume 30.

Fracturing construction curve




Fracture summary:

The construction process is smooth, the fracturing curves are different, the slip sleeve opening is obvious, and the sealing is good.The displacement of fracturing works is basically stable at 3.5m³/min, and the single layer sand volume is basically 25m³