Segmented sand prevention and completion technology

Description of technology  

●   It is suitable for producing the completion string of conventional electric submersible pump in offshore oilfield. The upper position electric submersible pump produces the tubing string, and the lower part is the interlayer sealing sand and screen tubing string.

●   The high performance packer can completely isolate the layers after setting, and use the screen tubing to prevent sand. The safety valve provides the necessary safety control. The Y production tubing string can meet the conventional admission requirements.

●   The whole system has wide application scope, reliable performance of string structure and long term production.

The Structure of Tubing String:



3-ESP Packer             


5-Electric Pump 

6-Heel Packer      

7-Universal joint  

8-Tubing Sieve           

9-Isolation Packer    

10-Sand ing Packer 

11-Landing Nipple 

12-Ported Sub    

13-Seal Assembly     

14- Circulating SSD   

15-Plug Shoe 

16-Locationg Sealing